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Silver Bullet Steering Linkage by
Full Throttle Concepts, Inc.


 I think this will provide protection against chafing from now on.


This is the Advanced  Flight Systems AF2500 engine monitor.


Very good prices on custom hose
with the new type fire sleeve.
Call Robert Williams.
918-835-3660 / 800-331-5946


The new ECI Titan Experimental Engine







Bob Snedaker at Fairing-Etc.  has taken over the RV Wheel Pant Brackets.
You can call Bob at 623-203-9795 to order.
This is the empennage fairing that is made by Fairing-Etc.
This is a beautiful fairing and
really improves the looks of RVs.



Tailwind Airpark   This is a great place to live or visit . Click on the picture to go there. 


Kitlog is the best way I've found to
 log the  building of your project.



New Whirl Wind prop.                  

The New Classic Aero Designs interior is by far the most beautiful and comfortable seat that I have ever sat on in an RV aircraft. The lumbar adjustment makes it even more user friendly and something I can't live without after making the flight from PHX to LAL for Sun-N-Fun and back. The most critical person I know (my wife) was in the right seat on the trip and also had nothing but good things to say about our new seats.


The New ECi TITAN KitEngine Sump and Cold Air Induction System

Click on the picture to see the New ECi Induction System installation on my RV6
This I0X360 is now available from ECi. Also pictured is the new TITAN EXP fuel injection system that I have tested for ECi and we now have available.

AOA from Advanced Flight Systems. The picture below is my panel with the new AOA installed. The AOA comes set up from the factory for your airplane. It worked good in my RV6 the very first flight. I did some fine tuning per the manual and now it works great. Also, it has a volume control pod on the inside so you can adjust to your liking.

My RV6 First flight 7-31-04
This picture was taken 20 miles South of Phoenix by my friend Mark Meyers in his beautiful new Lancair.

The New ECI 360 Engine Kit

This is the engine I built and installed in my Van's RV6 pictured above.

Pictured below are the components that come in the kit. All components are PMA certified for the Lycoming 360 engine. Click on the picture to see the assembly process.

Click on picture to go to the engine assembly page.

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